Felicia Wishner

New Jersey Piano Teacher

Felicia Wishner

 May 25, 1966

A musician’s career often depends on a chain of events that may date back to beginning instruction. The training and development of a young pianist is entrusted exclusively to the independent teacher. Therefore it is vitally important for a young student to have a competent and qualified teacher, because the beginning teacher can “make or break” a young pianist. The total of one’s training, background, personality, and motivation are combined to produce a skilled professional.

Experience is the most important factor in successful teaching. I have taught piano full time in Monmouth County  New Jersey since 1991, and average 40 to 50 students per week. Approximately 45% beginners – to advanced beginners, 45% intermediate to advanced intermediate, and 10%  advanced players. I teach year round and break only a few weeks out of the year. I specialize in all levels of play from beginners up through college level.

My degree is in Education from Baruch College in New York with a minor in music. My training began at age seven with my father, who was a music director in Italy and a private piano teacher in New York City.  He developed a teaching method training my prodigal brother for international competition in classical accordion and I studied with him as a classical pianist for 23 years; keeping a watchful eye on the ease at which his students learned.

I have taken my fathers (old world) method and have made minor adjustments to insure the smooth transition between various playing levels. The goals are to understand the entire keyboard, recognize notes fluently, including ledger line notes, recognize chords and be able to play them, while understanding tempo, meter signatures, key signatures, music terms, and improvisation.  My method is classically based; however, I am not so stringent to introduce Pop, Rock, Jazz, and of course Classical music to any of my interested students. I feel all forms of music develop techniques and ear training, that help to present music education in a fun and enthusiastic way.

I hold regular private recitals. I am a member of the New Jersey Music Teachers Association (MTNA) and affiliated with the Royal Academy of Music. Through these institutions I offer competitive play, national or regional recitals, theory examinations, and evaluations that allow the student to obtain an objective assessment of themselves and my teaching.

I recognize that adults feel deprived that they never took lessons when they were young, or they just have a love of music and want to learn more about it. Adults are quick learners, but (new students) cannot always obtain the coordination or develop the independent dexterity necessary to play certain forms of music at a higher level. I tailor my  lessons to meet an adults individual needs and focus on the type of music they  want to play.


   Piano Teacher Matawan, New Jersey, Monmouth County

Piano lessons have changed quite a bit since you might have taken them in your childhood. At my studio, students typically receive a thirty-minute lesson and generally come once a week, advanced players forty-five minutes or an hour. Besides learning to play the piano, you will gain an overall knowledge of music, which can prepare you for continued study in other instruments or singing. If you are interested in a meet and greet, contact me by selecting the Appointments Button above.