Beginner piano lessons for adults

Making the choice to learn to play piano as an adult has its challenges. First it is very hard to find piano teachers in New Jersey that work with adults. Then trying to balance daily life with the commitment of practicing the piano can also be challenging. But many adults feel that they should have continued playing instead of giving up when they were young or have decided that now is the time to learn the instrument. For senior citizens the benefits of learning to play the piano are both psychologically and physically rewarding. At Felicia’s School of Piano and Music, we tailor a program that will get you playing the instrument as quickly as possible without neglecting music theory. We will begin by focusing on learning to read and play music based on our developed classical method, but then as quickly as possible transition to learning chords so that you can play your favorite songs from lead sheets and  standard music sheets.

Our Building

For those adults and seniors who wish to continue with classical training, we’ll move on. For those interested in Jazz or other musical styles, we will learn the basics of those forms to get you up and playing as quickly as possible. The trick is to learn the basics with the right teacher and we are local in Matawan in monmouth county. Together we will both  determine your potential and how to achieve your musical goals. This is not a fly-by-night play the piano method as seen on TV and print. We will require your commitment, dedication, and practice. So consider if you truly have the time, and make sure that this is what you really want to do. Once we start together, we will be committed to making you the musician you always wanted to be and ready and willing to accept the challenge.

Adult Piano Lessons in Matawan in New Jersey

Payments are due the first week of each month (in advance of lessons). Students attend lessons once a week and can choose between a half-hour or forty-five minute lesson.

All tuition is non-refundable.

If you are interested call for an interview at 732-804-5419 

We are located at 30 Route 79 / Matawan / New Jersey

  e-mail your questions to: